Writer's Block: Ready for Your Close-up

You have been given an opportunity to have a movie made about your life. What actor/actress would play you? And what would the plot of the movie be?
Ok so I am going to really go in of really narcissist on this one if I can even do that... Keanu Reeves, reasoning... he is the only person I believe can portray absolute awesome from the shittiest starting point. The plot would be similar to a jay and silent bob movie... just alot more colors


Strange turn of events

So in a strange turn of events, looks like some Russian speaking visitors have been commenting on my journal. ok, i'm down for this... continuing the entry of words onto blak pages for whatever reasoning I choose... Sounds like my kind of ideas...

Никогда не позволяйте солнца на ваших товарищей свободы


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A new home...

Made it safely, met some awesome people already can't wait to see what the rest of the year...
Started new job today, going full time after next week! Mike must have liked the way I worked his little pizza shop of goodness.
All I got for now, more to come soon.

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There was once a time when I felt more empowered... That seems like so long ago... I got here from there the same person I am today. It felt everything like those twenty-one stairs... All day long. Glad something changes, but I still have the same ole challenges that keep me on my toes. :)

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Writer's Block: It worked for Norma Jean

Norma Jeane Mortenson will always be remembered by her screen name, Marilyn Monroe. What stage name would you choose if you were an entertainer, and why?

Well, for entertainment... Why not WWE, and I'll just trade mark my current gamer tag... aNaRCHY aL ... Been using the name for over six years now anyway, just on live alone...

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